Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The past 4 or 5 months have gotten me thinking about the frequency in which I have flares.  Especially now coming out of one that's been a few days long.  They are starting to be every other week.  Maybe 2 weeks in between. Flares, for me, include excessive and unexplainable fatigue, pain and aching all over, and tummy troubles.  If it gets really bad I start getting shingles.  My kidneys act up as well.  Steroids pull me out of it most of the time, but I also hate the way steroids make me feel! Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to start treating for it again.  I've only been treating it symptomatically (only the symptoms) with certain medications, but it's not enough.  I'm tired of the ups and downs! I wasn't treating my Lupus because we have been trying to get pregnant for over 4 years, since 2007.  It's just wearing me down emotionally as well as physically.  I will respectfully ask that my fertility issues aren't discussed at all.  It's a very touchy subject.  I'm sure that your friends did get pregnant after they adopted.. or when they "quit trying", but we have tried it all and I'm not up to hearing any more of those stories.  I love all my friends and family who try to comfort me though ! I know it's hard to know what to say.  BUT....
 We are preparing to dive into the adoption process, though and I'm really excited about it. We have always wanted to adopt very badly and hopefully we can make this dream a reality!  I think I just need to decide when and what treatment I would like to pursue.  I know my options and am very curious about Benlysta, the new Lupus drug.  It's the first one created for just Lupus in 55 years! Can you believe that?  It's IV and you do it once per month.  Maybe insurance would pay for it, but I'm not sure.  Like I said, I will have to look into it.  Well I'm very tired so I think I'm going to rest.  Hope your week is going lovely!

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Maddy said...

I have been doing a little reading about adoption too, and I think if you go through the state then will provide medicare and sometimes a small income to help with their support. So money wouldnt be an issue in taking care of them! I am sorry your lupus is being relentless. Its so hard to live your life when your health tries to bring you down!