Friday, October 7, 2011

Of course!

I was denied, of course. I don't mean for an American Express card, though I'd probably have a better chance with them. (maybe not.. doesn't think very highly of my credit rating) I mean with disability. Denied.
Yes, I know it happens to everyone the first time, but dang. Really?! I had a lawyer, I've gone to Mayo Clinic! They are no joke there. Those doctors don't even wear lab coats, they wear three piece suits! I will be honest.  When we are scrounging up the cash to make our mortgage payment, keep the lights on, and pay our car semi-regularly I have this voice in my head that tells me to call the disability adjuster and let him have it.  I understand that people abuse the system and they want to make sure I'm not capable of working for at least a year, but during that year, we can lose everything I DID work for and my husband still does work for.  I went to work through shingles, back pain, neck pain, rashes, brain lesions, infections, miscarriages, you name it... I should be able to keep the house I pushed through all of that to keep.
Ok, rant over. I'm pretending I don't have Lupus for awhile. Sometimes it's easier that way. I know I do have it.. it won't go away. I just want to ignore it until I absolutely have to think of it. (which is all the time..) This ignoring thing only works until the next ailment pops up.  Since I just took pain medicine, I can keep this up for about 4 more hours. Ahhhhhhh :)