Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back in black

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted a blog entry! I feel bad.. like I abandoned ship!  I went on vacay and guess who didn't get burned? Me! Well, maybe a little, but not like I thought I would.  I wore big time sunscreen every day and still got very tan. Not a crazy red burn like I thought I'd get.  We had a good time, but I had to pace myself.  I swam in the ocean and all of the salt in the air was fabulous for my Lupus.  I want to move so badly! Wish that hubby could work close to the beach.. but never say never.  I had waited for my doctor to fix my prescription for pain and he came through and did.  He put me on the patch again and it has made a big difference.  I started the patch before I went to the beach and it really did help as far as continuous relief. I don't wake up with leg pain like I used to.  The Kadian was not working very well anymore and it made me jittery.  Some people say the patch is really hard to get off of, but I've gotten off of it a few times in the past (at my doc's instruction of course) and it wasn't hard because of how he walks you down.  People's bodies just react differently I guess.
If you're one of my Memphis readers then I hope that you're indoors relaxing or at least if your outdoors a lot that you're staying cool! The high today was 90 and it was awesome.  Especially since the high was 109 a few days ago. That was miserable for a Lupie! The heat makes me so nauseated and I found my fatigue levels were much higher than they usually are.  The beach didn't bother me, but the Memphis weather makes me worse.  Why is that?  I guess since we are missing the component of salt in the air and that nice beach breeze that is constantly blowing.  My hubby's done with dinner and it's smelling SO yummy--- so I'm going to wrap it up.  By the way .. I am considering adding a new page to my blog that is not Lupus related.  Just stuff I would like to talk about (my likes, dislikes, obsessions, addictions, and random musings.. ) More to come soon!

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