Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shopping with LuLu

Hello my name is Whitney and I'm a shop-a-holic.  The truth is, I'm not anymore! Before stupid Lupus I would shop til I dropped.  Now if I shop, I am SURE to drop a lot sooner. Shopping hurts. Yes, I'm serious..physically hurts.  Exhibit A:
As you can see, within about 15 mintues my feet retain massive amounts of heat, swell up, and begin to resemble those of an Oompa Loompa! I won't even get into the sweating.  I sweat like crazy sometimes and then other times I'm fine. I know all of this is gross, but it's the truth! I promised to be open and I think this is pretty darn open.
Here's my foot now that I'm home and comfy on the couch. I take pictures of my symptoms for my doctor (because my body can't do these tricks on command), especially this particular one, and no doctors have much to say about it.  I'm guessing circulation issues or APS (Antiphospholipid Syndrome).  Most people with Lupus have APS Click for info on APS from the Mayo Clinic website - safe site.  I have it and sometmes aspirin makes it better.  Other times... I tough it out and prop my feet up when I get home.
Zach and I really enjoyed one another's company tonight.  We walked and talked and tried on clothes.  He wanted some jeans but never bought a pair.  He hates spending money on himself and I cannot talk him into it.  I might go back and get the jeans he liked so much.  He works so hard & deserves them! I tried on several dresses to possibly wear to a couples wedding shower this weekend.  We got the couple -------- (deleted until after shower.. just in case) at Macy's.  Very nice.  Now that I'm home I will go wash my own face with my (deleted until after shower) and get some rest. :)  Goodnight my Lupies. ((hugs))


Marselles said...

I'm sorry that you suffer from lupus. I am glad that you finally were diagnosed and are being treated as best as possible.

I can relate to your issues. I myself suffer from chronic gout as a side effect of my heart disease. It is a painful form of arthritis that has affected most every joint but my knees, hips, and lower back mostly. I have had to go on disability because it has gotten pretty bad. I can understand the discomfort and pain you suffer.

I think about you from time to time Whitney. Miss our work conversations!


Maddy said...

Your poor little tootsies!