Sunday, May 29, 2011

I don't do mornings

Mornings with Lupus are a wierd time.  #1 they are not literal mornings.. I mean, 11AM is barely morning, but it is for me at least 2 days per week.  A lot of times, I stay up late sometimes because the later it is in the day, the better I feel.  When I wake up I make my favorite coffee - thanks Wes Bennett for getting me hooked on Ugly Mug-- eat some cereal, and lay on the couch for awhile just trying to wipe the fog from my brain. I know I should get up and move around, but I'm in pain when I first wake up.  It's a double edged sword.  Wake up by moving and showering, but cause more pain in the process. Rawwr.. what do I do?
my baby Holly - professional growler

I'm beginning to think that maybe it's the medicines I have to take at night.  Now that I'm typing this it makes me want to rearrange my medicine schedule. If you read my first post, you know that I take enough medicine to successfully put an elephant in a deep sleep! So here we go: 
  • Flexeril , been on this since 2007 and it was prescribed to take at bedtime. This medicine keeps my muscles from spasming the next day and it helps you get REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep is the deepest form of sleep that people with Fibromyalgia and Lupus don't usually get. Controls pain response, memory function, and nervous system development)
  • Neurontin , been on since 2010, this is to keep my legs from hurting me at night and it helps with nerve pain.  It's an anti-seizure medicine that aids in nerve pain reduction.
  • Lexapro to replenish my serotonin that I lose from the lack of REM sleep I miss even with the Flexeril.  This one helps me stay remotely sane!
  • Ambien so I can fall asleep and stay that way. Surprisingly this one doesn't give me a hangover, which I guess is the reason that doctors prescribe it so much. I resisted taking a sleeping pill for a very long time, but there's just nothing like a good nights sleep.
 I don't know how to move it around so my mornings aren't like a painful hangover.  My doctors have been tweaking this combo for a year and they seemed pleased with it.  I am not sure I am.  I try to get going, but it's a bit like trying to run in a swimming pool.  It's just very difficult and I have a lot of pain that radiates through my body for the first two hours that I'm awake no matter how early or late I wake up.  When I finally do get going, I'm okay.  Some days I just give up though.  I get tired of fighting it.  This is probably the main reason why I cannot work, because I'm so tired all the time.  If you have Lupus and know how to prevent this, comment me or email me! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I feel like I could sleep all day and all night and have no desire to leave the couch. I want that to change!

Around 2 I peeled myself off of the couch and tried to get moving.  Our floors are light colored laminate and I love them, but they are very difficult to keep clean.  I swept the floors and then ate some lunch. 
Hubby got home from work and I kept dropping things with my right hand so I had to sit down.  I guess I just have to pace myself.  My right hand was just not functioning for some reason! It's okay now, but I had to come in and make myself some Cinnamon, Mint, and Rose Tea.  I just started drinking this and there is something about it that makes you feel so calm and serene.  I love it and am addicted! I'm glad it's helping because we have plans with friends tonight and I don't want to have to sit in time-out here at home.  It's just dinner, but still you wouldn't believe the hassle unless you're a Lupie.  Have a good holiday weekend!

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