Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Appointments over -- waiting game

I just got done with two appointments for SSDI.  One was a mental health exam and the other was a regular medical examination.  I love how it took me almost 4 years to be diagnosed with Lupus, 23 doctors, and a photo-journal of symptoms.. but 30 minutes with a doctor who is not specialized in treating Lupus is supposed to determine whether or not I'm "disabled".  I understand the process because of the type of work I used to do.  Work Comp utilization review surely opens your eyes to the world of insurance and disability standards. 
(Utilization Review "UR" reviews doctor's recommendations according to a set of medical bibliographies and determines whether the prescribed treatment is congruent with the set of peer reviewed standards for the type of injury. No I didn't look up that definition -- yeah.. it's complicated to say the least.. but interesting)
The mental health appointment was easy and the lady evaluated me based on a written questionnaire and verbal tests.  Everyone knows I'm crazy, so if she declares me officially nuts will you really be shocked?
The physical one makes me nervous because so many doctors were never able to tell me what was wrong with me and some didn't even believe me.  With Lupus, most of the time you look normal.
 ---There is a really cool website that discusses a few "invisible illnesses and sheds a comical light on having them. You should check it out!--
 The only visible thing that did work to my advantage was my red skin! I hate it when people notice it and make comments, except for this time.  My skin usually has some type of a red tint to it.  When I was younger it wasn't as noticeable, but now it looks like I'm getting over a slight sunburn- even if I haven't been exposed to the sun that much. Well, she noticed my red skin and touched my arms.  She commented that it wasn't warm to the touch and asked me why I was red.  Sign #1 that this MD wasn't familiar with Lupus!  I told her why.  She then observed my knuckles being red and said that my back was too when she lifted up my shirt to listen to my breathing.  Later in the visit she had to move my arms for something and she commented that they were very warm now and redder (DUH!!!)  I informed her that flourescent lighting burns me because of ...... ....wait for it.... LUPUS.  If anything, she got a lesson in Lupie!  So, say a prayer for me.  I hope my SSDI gets approved.  If not, I will just appeal it and keep trying.  I hope all is well for everyone.  Comment me!! Love to my Lupies!

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Maddy said...

Good luck whit! If they dont approve you try not to get to frusterated, that is their little "tactic", they deny almost everyone initially but with a little time you will get what is rightfully yours! :)